How to schedule my first pick-up?

For scheduling your pickup, you can either fill in the details on the website or can call at our prescribed numbers. Our call centre executive is going to take your few seconds to get your details and your preferred time slot and the IronMan will be at your doorstep in the assigned time. Our App is under constructions and will be launched soon.

How to schedule pickup/delivery?

For scheduling your pickup/delivery, you can either call at our prescribed numbers or just ping at our prescribed whatsapp number.Your ‘Mobile number’ and preferred ‘time’ will book the pickup for you.

How to reschedule a missed pickup/delivery?

If you happen to have missed your pickup/delivery, you can simply reschedule it by calling at our call centre number and we will reschedule it.

What’s your regular turnaround time?

We take 24 Hours for Ironing, 72 Hours for Laundry & Roll Press, 84 Hours for Dry Cleaning & Caustic Clean.

What if I need my clothes urgently?

We have Urgent Delivery Options with us. The Turnaround time for urgent Ironing is 12 Hours, and for Urgent Dry cleaning / laundry / Caustic Clean, the Turnaround time is 48 Hours.

What is in the Exclusive Delivery?

In the Exclusive Delivery, Your clothes will be packed and will be delivered hanged.

How to contact IronMan in case of a query/complaint?

You can always call at our customer care number +91-9111000318 or write us at We will be more than happy to hear from you.

Do you have any offers?

For your Benefit, we have IronMan Club. You will get exciting reward points against each order, which you can redeem anytime. Also, we provide additional discount/extra value if paid in advance.

How do I know that my personal items of laundry are in safe hands?

The safety of personal items is in our hearts. Team IronMan understands this and our quality controls managers are hand picked selected professionals. If your personal items need to be washed a certain way,don’t worry – we’ll ask you for any special requests when we collect them.

How do you process my clothes, where are my clothes headed?

From your doorsteps, your clothes land directly to a top notch Laundromat, where they are scrutinized by our quality control manager and sacked in lots with only your clothes. We have state of the art machines which wash and dry your clothes. We then either do folding or steam pressing as per instruction given by you during pickup.

What is the minimum order size?

There is no minimum order size.

What do you suggest to tackle clothes which bleed out color?

Some clothes do bleed color. So we suggest you to specify the clothes which are prone to bleed color.Dry cleaning expensive clothes is always a better and safe option.

How do you accept payment?

We accept cash from our customers to be given to our delivery boy once you have received your clothes.Also, we are working to provide you more ease by integrating payment gateways.